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Helpful Locksmith Tips And Advice

On this page you will find a number of helpful locksmith advise articles regarding many common locksmith topics.

Help! I've been burgled

The last thing anyone expects is to come home to find they have been burgled. However if you do find yourself in that unfortunate situation then we are here to help! First and foremost you will need to call to police and inform them of the situation but once that is done you can call Locksmith St Albans and we can attend swiftly to secure the property for you.

Next you should start to make a list of anything missing or damaged as you will need this information for the insurance company should you need to make a claim. Finally this would probably be a good time to think about what kind of upgrades you could make in order to prevent further break ins.

Our St Albans locksmith tips and advise you on this matter whilst with you or you can contact us after at a time more convenient for you to discuss the options available. With our price match promise we can assure you that you wont find the package offered for cheaper and it will be a worthy investment into the security of your property and the safety of all those that live there.

Burglary Prevention (Locksmith Tips And Advice)

With the recent increase in crime and burglaries it is important to take some time to make sure you have done all that you can when it comes to securing your home or property.

Firstly having the correct insurance approved high security locks can make a huge difference to whether an intruder would even try to enter your property as there as many un reliable locks out there that can be broken into in just a number of seconds, that being said there are also some amazing British standard , anti snap high security locks out there that are fully insurance approved that can be fitted at a very reasonable cost that an intruder would take one look and not even bother to try!

Besides locks the other things you might consider are large flood lights that are movement censored as these will deter any intruder that comes on to your property and also having CCTV or one of the camera style doorbells can make a big difference and also hold vital footage should the worst ever occur however don’t forget to put a sign up to say that you have it otherwise the footage could be deemed useless.

All in all there is not much more important than making your home secure and letting you sleep easy knowing you and the people you live with are safe. For any further security advice please don’t hesitate to contact one of the team at Locksmith St Albans.

A Few More Words of Advice

  • I've locked my keys in my car!
  • My key snapped in may door, now what?
  • I think I've lost me keys

With technology increasing locking keys in the car is becoming a thing of the past however there are still many vehicles where this van still be a problem. If you do happen to lock your keys in your car then worry not as We at Locksmith St Albans can come to your location and and get you back in your vehicle and on your way swiftly. If it is the case that you have lost the keys or think they may have been stolen then we would advise that you contact to police to inform them of this and then search for a local vehicle locksmith that can replace them for you. If you still need to just get into the vehicle then we can still attend and provide this
service for you.

Snapping your key off in your lock can be an extremely frustrating thing to do however if your door is open already then fear not as there are some things you can try before having to call on some help. If you are locked out though then do not hesitate to contact Locksmith St Albans 24 Hour Emergency lockout service so that one of out fast, reliable engineers can come to assist you. Now with regards to getting the broken key out, firstly do not be tempted to push the part of the key you are still holding back into the lock as this will not help open the door and will push the broken piece further into the lock making it harder to extract. To begin with you can try to pull the piece of key back out using pliers or tweezers, but be conscious of how thick the tweezers or pliers are and how far back the broken piece of key is as trying to use something that
is to thick may end up just getting further stuck. You could try adding something such as WD40 to loosen the key easier. If that doesn’t work then you could try using some glue however again if the broken key is far back this may not be an option. Finally if all else fails and you cant get the key out then simply call one of our local Locksmiths in St Albans and we can come and get your lock sorted for a very competitive price.

So if you think you have lost your keys or you think they may have been stolen the the first thing we would suggest is to inform the police as they will be able to provide you with a crime reference number and inform you if anyone has or does hand your keys in. If you are locked out the call our Emergency Locksmith in St Albans and they will be able to attend with in 15 minutes to get you into your property quickly. The next thing you might want to consider is changing the locks for the keys that you have lost, this can usually be done at the same time that the locksmith attends to gain entry to your house or if you would rather we can return at a later time that suits you however we would advise changing them as swiftly as possible to prevent potential break ins and protect you house and belongings.

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