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To save you some time we have put together a list of frequently asked questions the help you.

Well the first thing we would always say is to make sure that you have decent insurance approved high security locks installed. this in itself can deter criminals from attempting to break in. We also recommend to secure your windows properly and in some cases dependent on where the windows are we would also advise window locks. this is also a very good feature if you have small children to prevent them for being able to open the windows un assisted. Another way to add security to your home is to have some kind of CCTV installed, either a camera system or something like a ring doorbell, again this could deter any potential intruder from even trying to break in. Lastly we would recommend good lighting, such as spot or flood lights above your front door as in the event that anyone did attempt to break in you would stand a far better chance of them being caught.

Well there is no 1 answer for this question as it will depend on the door and lock type and also the nature of the job for instance an emergency lock change will always incur a higher fee, particularly if it is during the night hours, weekends or bank holidays. If you are interested in having your locks changed then there is one thing we can guarantee when it comes to the price we absolutely wont be beaten!  

Lock Repair Service in St Albans

We will always endeavour to repair any lock before recommending a change of lock. Our engineers have an extensive knowledge in lock mechanics enabling them to repair most locks.  

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